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The 2018 CNY Fiber Arts Festival will place special emphasis on the art of dyeing.  Many of our vendors will display signs indicating their willingness to discuss their dyeing techniques, we will offer workshops and short courses related to dyeing, and our special guest artists will provide free lectures and demonstrations on various aspects of dyeing.    Further information on the topics will appear here as plans are finalized. 


Nancy Morey

Nancy Morey often describes herself as a “fiber junkie”, with a lifetime interest in all things fiber and the animals, plants, and chemicals that produce the fibers.  She studied Home Economics Education with a Textile and Design major area at Buffalo State College, although she learned to spin and weave from her best friend.

Shortly after learning to spin a yarn, Nancy learned to dye with chemical dyes.  While natural dyes held some appeal, it was the intense profusion of colors the chemical dyes produced that held her interest.

Learning to use a rainbow dyeing method, Nancy soon developed her own method for optimal color patterns, writing articles for spinning magazines as well as a book, Rainbow Dyeing: A Multi-color Approach to Dyeing.  She taught workshops on this dyeing technique for fiber conferences across the United States, as well as for guilds, fiber and yarn stores, and schools such as the John Campbell Folk Art School. She also has taught workshops for handspinners in all aspects of working with silk, color blending, and fiber blending. 

Nancy also raises sheep, goats, and laying hens; has served as the Region 1 representative on the American Wool Council; is a Level 2 Wool Classer; has traveled on two US AID Farmer to Farmer assignments for Winrock International to Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, working with women's refugee groups to improve their fiber products and increase their income; and owns the business Shadeyside Fibers, selling her rainbow dyed fibers.


Patti O'Brien Beaumont

Patti O’Brien-Beaumont began spinning, knitting, & dyeing in the mid-90’s.  Her dyeing journey started with natural dyeing using gathered plants.  This led to making dye extracts from lichen, mushrooms, insects, tree barks, and more.  From there, she moved to acid & fiber reactive dyes & experimented with layering and blending colors on a broad range of fibers.  She now produces hand-spun and hand-dyed yarn as Story Spun Yarns and teaches fiber preparation, spinning, and dyeing.   Prior to becoming a full-time fiber artist, she specialized in facilitating self-directed learning communities.  She drew on that experience to found the Oswego Fiber Arts Studio Group and Spinning Geeks- an online community exploring the science, history, and technology of spinning.  She is currently developing a shared creative space to support the growing Central New York fiber arts community and to build partnerships between local fiber producers and fiber artists.


Susannah White

Many of us know Susannah, from Carapace Farm Puppetry, because of her work with Dancing Hands Puppet Troupe and her commitment to teaching puppetry and encouraging families in their storytelling with puppets.  CNY Fiber Arts Festival has been honored to have her present puppet shows for our children and we are delighted to have her return as a vendor with her handmade felted wool puppets.  Susannah not only hand-felts her charming puppets from local wool, she dyes them herself with plant-sourced dyes, many of them from plants she has grown..  With over forty years of experience dyeing with plants, she will be a rich source of information on plant dyeing.


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